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Blaster is a free, non-commercial and a GPL'd IRC service for the Undernet ircU Proto 10 IRC daemon. Blaster is a minimal(=micromatic) service for irc operators. it's intended to be just a experiment with I wanted to test IRC service programming. The current stable release is v1.10.

Now that I have spent nearly a month of hassling, coding, and of course, experimenteering, I've finally released a stable release of Blaster. Blaster is programmed in Perl and requires POE::Component::IRC to run. POE::Component::IRC can be downloaded here. The current release which was used when developing Blaster, is 2.2.

Blaster is quite easy to set up and run. Only thing you need is a working ircU server and a appropriate O: and S: line. I have tested blaster in EliteNet ( Special thanks to Mika Mononen, A.K.A Arafat/Yasser. greets on him. He has provided the system to code on :)

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